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Vineon Technology, developer of radically new digital imaging systems. Located in a Penang, Malaysia, Vineon was established in 1999 by a team of highly-esteemed professionals in the field of computer imaging. This vast collective technical executive experience has enabled Vineon to adapt its versatile imaging system to a range of imaging applications. Vineon was started as a system integrator, imaging software and hardware solution provider, providing total solution, consultancy and customization services to it's customers. Vineon was not only providing integration but also designing of the hardware and software to the customers. And now, Vineon is slowly evolving to provide standard OEM products, including imaging hardware and software products to the customers worldwide. We hope to work with any interested team as our dealers or representatives of our products worldwide

At Vineon, we apply the concepts of innovation, dedication and quality to the pursuit of creating highly effective digital imaging components. We are totally committed to achieving customer satisfaction, either in quality and cost. So much so that everything this section has to say about our company is consciously focused on making life easier for our customers. We support you with a wide range of carefully developed Products and Services, including customization (Software, Electronic & Mechanical design) and OEM.

Innovation is often promised, but seldom delivered. True innovation demands more than mere application of new technologies. Innovation requires a delicate balance of willingness to listen and observe and the ability to take this knowledge to new levels. Innovators look beyond hardware and software to help businesses and the people who run them.