Vineon Technology, the development and product company of industrial and scientific digital cameras, image analysis & measreument software, machine vision software and other optical and digital inspection systems. We are specialized in integrated imaging and vision solutions and systems with interface and embedded software, firmware designs, electronics and mechanics engineering. Our passion is to increase performance and usability of applications in a cost-effective and sustainable way. 

Vineon bridges the gap between an idea, the imaging technology, its application and ultimately, the product. Our  engineering staff listens to our customer goals and develops a clear plan to reach them. We deliver scaled solutions that seamlessly align with your business, technical and use case requirements. Our engineering team utilizes a wide range of technology skills to deliver low cost, advanced and exciting products.

Vineon Technology is the developer of radically new digital imaging systems. Located in a Penang, Malaysia, Vineon was established in 1999 by a team of highly-esteemed professionals in the field of computer imaging. This vast collective technical executive experience has enabled Vineon to adapt its versatile imaging system to a range of imaging applications. Vineon was started as a system integrator and imaging software and hardware solution provider, providing total solution, consultancy and customization services to its customers. Vineon was not only providing integration but also designing of the hardware and software to the customers. And now, Vineon is slowly evolving to provide standard OEM products, including imaging hardware and software products to the customers worldwide. We hope to work with any interested team as our dealers or representatives of our products worldwide

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